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Lakeeran "The Destiny"

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In a small remote village there lives a family consisting of five members, two sons a daughter father and mother. The daughter is about to get married in a couple of days and the arrangements for the wedding are being made. Both the sons are busy arranging special arrangements for the wedding. The younger son is desirous to go abroad and has applied for a visa through a travel agent. On the wedding day the agent visits the family to congratulate them for their daughter’s wedding and informs them that the visa is ready and the Ravi the younger son and has to pay a certain amount within few days. As a huge amount has been spent in the marriage of their daughter Gurmukh Singh is short of funds. In this case he approaches a money lender who is his close friend assures him the money will be ready the next day. The next day Gurmukh gets the money and proceeds to meet the agent, who in return tells them that Ravi should be ready to fly in a couple of days. He asks them that Ravi should come to his office and everything would be explained to him. Ravi comes to his office the next day with his baggage and the agent tells him that his baggage is not appropriate and would change with the baggage he has, Ravi not aware of anything allows him to do so. The day arrives and a big crowd is outside Ravi’ house to bid him good bye. His brother goes to drop him at the airport. Ravi arrive at European International Airport as he is collecting his baggage from the baggage lounge a customs officer comes with a sniffer dog and as the dog sniffs the bag he starts barking, The Officer stops Ravi and asks him few questions and asks him to follow him to the inquiry room. He is asked to open his baggage and some drugs are found in it. Ravi is unaware about all this and tells the custom officers that he does not know anything about this and after interrogating him he is arrested and sent to Prison. Here in India his family is worried about Ravi as he has not informed about his arrival.

In the Prison Ravi narrates is incident to a inmate Akram who in return assures him that he will try his best to help him out as his brother would come to meet him, He also asks Ravi whether he has any friends in Europe, Akram’s brother contacts Ravi’s friends Aram’s brother comes to meet him and narrates the whole incident to him, he in return approaches the local Indian Association who arrange a meeting with local Indian lawyers none of them agree to take on the case except one a beautiful young lawyer from Pakistan Zubeda. Zubeda meets Ravi in the Prison visiting room and Ravi explains the whole incident to her, Zubeda fights his case and acquits Ravi from the Prison. Ravi is a free man now but has no place to go to; Zubeda tells him that he could stay with him till he finds a place to live. Ravi starts looking for a job but finds none, Zubeda tells him that she has a friend called Mr. King and would speak to him and explain him about your status as he is on a visitor visa. Mr. King agrees to employ Ravi on the condition that he would work in the back store as he is on a visitor’s visa and would not want any trouble with the law. Ravi starts working at The Kings Sore and slowly but gradually picks up the tricks of the business. On this first pay bay he hands over the whole of the salary to Zubeda who in return keeps five Euro and tells him to send the rest of the money to his family. Zubeda tries to fix a fake marriage with a friend of hers Diana from Europe so that Ravi can get a permanent residence in Europe but Ravi tells her that he loves Zubeda They fall in love but cannot share each others feeling as Ravi is a Sikh and Zubeda a Muslim but some how Harry King intervenes and tells them to consult their respective families and get their permission to get married. Zubeda assures Ravi that she would help him to get the visa again to come back to Europe; they both leave for their respective countries to get permission from their parents. Zubeda comes to Pakistan and narrates the whole incident to her parents and they blow up and tell her about the incident that had occurred in 1947 how they had to suffer and further more the boy being a Sikh that was totally against the community. Zubeda has a silent lover who she does not know that he loves her explains the whole situation to him and he says the cast and creed does not matter to go ahead with this. On the day Zubeda is about to leave for Europe he in front of her burns the letters which he had not given or posted to her. The same situation is with Ravi whose family is totally against this the situation is the same but Ravi’s mother tells him to go ahead and she would back him. They both come back to Europe and get married and now Ravi wants to start his own business, he looks around for the premises and starts with a small grocery shop with a name Indo Pak store, the business flourishes and a bigger premises is needed and moves to a bigger premises which called Indo Pak Friendship Store. Things get even better and he moves to a mall where he meets his inmate friend Akram and takes him to his home for dinner. Arkram is happy about the developments. Here in India Ravi father suffers a heart attack and is hospitalized, the Doctors advise an open heart bypass surgery. Ravi bother calls Ravi and tells him about the expenses in return Ravi asks ti send him all his fathers reports and would consult a doctor here in Europe. The Doctor, Doctor Dharam advises Ravi to get his father here in Europe and he would conduct the operation. Gurmukh comes to Europe as he is against the marriage he would not drink water or food from Zubeda’s hands, but some how Zubeda convinces his and he starts liking her. The operation is successful and after a few months Ravi’s father leaves for India and after a year he dies, Zubeda who is pregnant bears a baby boy one the same day Gurmukh dies. The rifts and conflicts between the family carries on to for the climax of the film and at the end Ravi, Zubeda and their son leave for India permanently handing over the business to Harry King.


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