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Pre Production

Our comprehensive preproduction and postproduction services set us up for an organized and successful shoot. Our services include:

  • Project Management and Pre-Production Services
    • Local client management
    • Crew management and scheduling
    • Securing all outsourced elements
  • Creative Development
    • Message development
    • Script writing
    • Shot list development
    • Storyboarding
  • Location scouting and casting direction
    • Casting, Hiring actors and voice over talent

Screenplays Conversion

The conversion of scripts or writing is a procedure of replacing text written in one script or writing system with the characters of another script or system in order to make the text (e.g., proper names) legible for users of another language or script.

It has two basic forms and many practical implementations of each:

  • Transliteration
    • Graphemic conversion, i.e., from one script to another.
  • Transcription
    • Phonemic conversion, i.e., from one writing system into another, possibly including script conversion.

A special case is re-conversion, i.e., returning to the original form from a form written while using one of the above-mentioned systems. This is used, among other things, as a text input method.

Storyboards on Frameforge

Your cast and crew review both the storyboards and the bird’s eye view of the set along with all technical camera data, allowing everyone to work independently and giving each department more time to do what they do best.

Without the need for constant, extensive consultations:

  • The DP has more time getting the look of the shot perfect
  • The director has more time with the actors
  • The gaffers can go straight to work knowing not only where the camera will be placed but also what it will see, allowing them to be more efficient and independent, particularly in terms of prepping for the next shot.

Your shoot will benefit in ways you probably don't even normally associate with storyboards.

Because everyone is literally on the same page, and potential problems were solved even before they became problems, your shoot will:

  • Run smoother and more efficiently
  • Allow everyone to be more creative instead of spending their time problem-solving
  • Often wrap earlier while still giving you more coverage because of all the time saved by trouble-shooting

This extra time also gives you the opportunity to fully take advantage of the “magic” that often happens on set, and better prepares you to adapt more effectively to the changing needs of your shoot.

The Bottom Line

Shoots prepped with FrameForge Previz Studio's Data-Rich Storyboards run smoother, cost less and produce more creative end products. Can your current storyboarding process say any of that?

FrameForge Intro For Demo
Charlie's Angels Recreation - FrameForge 3D
FrameForge Previsulation Software - Sample


Production companies, ad agencies looking for film and video camera & grip equipments rentals house all over India, UK and Europe, we can arrange from nearest available cities! Sound gears, jimmy jib & red dragon 6k rental in India! Film producers, directors, documentary or corporate filmmakers looking to hire low budget video camera like canon c300, canon 5d mark 3 in new Delhi & Mumbai are welcome! Photography camera like Hasselblad and Nikon black magic 4k, the latest craze in film making in India, UK and Europe, for TV commercials, music videos and full length movies!

Available Camera's

  • Arri Alexa
  • Red Epic
  • Red Mx
  • Red One

  • Red scarlet
  • Sony F3
  • Hasselblad H4x
  • Canon C300

  • Canon c500
  • Canon 5d mark3
  • Sony F65
  • Sony FS 700 slow motion

  • Canon 5d mark3
  • Dolly Panther
  • Motion Control Rig Milo
  • Black Magic
  • Sony ex3

  • Probe Lens
  • Radcam
  • Phantom Miro
  • steady cam
  • Phantom Flex High Speed Camera


Stand Categories

  • open face lights
  • fresnel lights
  • soft & flood lights
  • tungsten kits

  • LED Lights


Lighting Equipment's

  • C Stands
  • Combo Stands
  • Baby Stands
  • Boom Arms Arms Hangers
  • Ceiling Rail And System Parts

Location Services

Whether in a private house, a farmer's field, an industrial estate or within a superstore we have extensive experience in ensuring that productions run smoothly and without delay. Enabling you to meet the most stringent deadlines and remain within your financial plan. Movies, commercials, stills and events - we're here to help.

We can manage your production from conception, story boards or script, to full delivery, including scouting. Our close working relationship with local authorities across the region means we are able to organise road closures, traffic management, parking suspensions, yellow line dispensations and even taxi rank usage.

We have been providing to the UK's major production companies for twenty years and pride ourselves on having some of the best location managers in the industry.


A great film shoot simply cannot be without the perfect location - being 'good' just simply isn't good enough anymore. Film Locations has raised the game in terms of finding great locations for feature films, TV movies and feature films in partnership with many companies which are household names in recent years. Whether seeking the perfect snow-covered village, treacherous mountain path or hyper real urban financial district, we will find something which fits every inch of your brief.

Director's recce

Director's recces need to take in all aspects of a film location, without exception. We can be your perfect eyes and ears, producing a report on everything which may influence your choice of location and your evaluation of its suitability, from isolation to potential for interference from sound, traffic or other aspects of day to day life. We can perform it as if you were there yourself - saving you time and money and we can be particularly helpful when you're looking to turn around a tight, often seasonal deadline for a shoot.

Technical recce

Our technical recce offers you a view of everything technical that you need to bear in mind for your shoot. It encompasses a view of all you need to know, from potential issues with shots, lighting, sound, location issues, available local facilities, plus a review of things you may need to wish install or transport with regard to technical equipment. If you need a technical review of your proposed film location, contact us for a time and money-saving review of the site for your shoot.


Running a film shoot of any size requires carefully planned and negotiated logistics. It takes a great deal of organisation and is highly stressful to ensure that all cast, crew, equipment and outside contractors are available and in the right place at the right time. Outsourcing this complex job by involving the expertise of Film Locations is the ideal solution for many TV, film and advertisement production companies in the UK today. Trust us to run the logistics for your film shoot, be it big or small.


The paperwork involved in a film shoot of any size in the modern era is considerable. From liaising with local authorities and councils for road closures to negotiating contracts with landowners and talent, it's a minefield for the uninitiated. The technical and legal aspects of all this paperwork cannot be understated - there are a myriad of ways where your film shoot can become unstuck whilst on location. Involve Film Locations in your shoot to take the weight off your mind when it comes to paperwork and film location documentation.


Negotiation is an art. And, for many people, art is a difficult concept to wrangle with and can often come below a director's needs in a production environment, with studios just wanting liaisons and negotiations to be trouble free, no matter how it is accomplished. We are experts in working with all major stakeholders in the UK film, short film and promotional industries and we know what makes the individual components of these industries tick. Film Locations can handle your liaisons between studios, talent, governmental organisations and industry bodies, plus anyone else you might need, acting with experience, sensitivity and professionalism.


Anyone looking to do a major film shoot is going to have to have an airtight plan to deal with the issues of locations and shoot permissions. Dealing with landowners, governmental bodies, charities, councils and various other organisations which inevitably become involved in the production of films, TV shows and advertisements is part of our bread and butter. If you need someone to organise your permissions, ensure you have the right ones for the right people at the right time, then invest in the expertise at Film Locations.


Organising your film shoot is central to your production of a film, TV show or advertisement. The shoot itself needs organising, minute by minute, hour by hour, to ensure that cost efficiency is maximised, production time is utilised effectively and deadlines are met. Without someone experienced having an overarching view, your shoot is likely to suffer. With the experience of countless film shoots under our belts, Film Locations are ideally positioned to handle your shoot, no matter its location or requirements, and allow you to get on with best fitting your creative remit..

Artist Management

Camera Creations is an artist & celebrity management based in Mumbai and United Kingdom. The company has carved a niche for itself among the leading artist & celebrity management agencies in India. We have stood true to our commitment of providing our clients with the best performers, artists and celebrities according to the events. We not only get you the artist you need but also work with you closely to figure out the best suited artists and performers to make your event highly successful.

If you have not worked with us earlier, give us an opportunity to serve your multiple artist requirements under one roof and we can assure you that you won’t regret your decision.

A Little About Us

Camera Creations MPP is an independent film production company born and groomed in Mumbai, India & United Kingdom. We have a team of experts in Line production, Film development which deliver your projects with care and passion it deserves.

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